terça-feira, 27 de março de 2012

The journey of a man.

This story begins on December 4, 2011, a Sunday. Agreement in the morning and feel that my left arm is aching. I look at it and got a surprise. He is swollen, darker and very rigid.

I accompany my family to the coast north of the RS, a leisure trip, thinking that the changes will move the arm. By late afternoon, no improvement.

In Free Way (BR-290), returning to the capital, heading straight to the emergency department of Porto Alegre. The queue is large in HPS. I decide to go to the Military Police Hospital, where I promptly answered.

The doctor suspected thrombosis and determines my low. The clock read 22 hours. Just go out there three weeks later. The vein thrombosis is confirmed in the sub-clávia on the left, through the exams. The ultrasound shows an obstruction of 12 cm. The treatment is based on injections in the belly, more than one hundred, enoxaparin, an anticoagulant.

Investigating the cause of thrombosis, the tests found a stone in the gallbladder, confirm that I am with diabetes (300 mg / dL) and still find a lump in the thyroid. Step to take then a lot of drugs.

Three weeks after leaving the Hospital of BM, I'm walking in downtown Porto Alegre. I enter the gallery of the Rua da Praia Shopping and looking at the window of a newsstand, the cover story of this is, caught my attention. Buy the magazine and read about "The psychic surgeons of John of God."

Ai begins the journey that I will tell you, starting today.

Aroldo Medina.

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