quinta-feira, 13 de agosto de 2009

Arab Countries in Canoas

A delegation of Arab countries arrived yesterday to RS, to begin an assessment of potential for our state to receive investments of Arab and Muslim community. The script began to work this morning, the plenary of the City of Canoas, in a seminar organized by the Municipality of Canoas, opened by Alderman Metalúrgico Nelsinho (PT), President of the Legislative Council.

The Arab leaders and Muslims present stressed the hospitality of the Brazilian people, the harmony and peaceful coexistence among peoples of different ethnic groups living in Brazil and religious tolerance existing here. Expressed regarding the Christian faith and praise the prophet Mohammed in his speech, asking his blessings on us.

The seminar was continued in the afternoon, at the headquarters of the Municipal Department of Culture, where the mayor Jairo Jorge (PT) delivered lecture presenting the profile of visitors to the city of Canoas. Jairo Jorge was a prepared host, talking familiarly, demonstrated ability in public speaking that captivated members of the entourage, being interrupted by applause several times. After the mayor, talks Mr Eduardo Sampaio, director of the Department of Promotion of Agribusiness of the Ministry of Agriculture, relevant aspects of the Brazilian economy applied to your folder.

Ahmed El Helw, Chairman of Makaseb Bank, largest private bank of the United Arab Emirates, based in Dubai, was direct in his speech. Histories that the Arab countries has its main base of business in Brazil, located in São Paulo state, currently. Said real interest in expanding these businesses in the RS and ensured that the reception that felt in Canoas, puts the city on edge.

Ahmed El Helw showed that Arab countries could invest in the RS, which has provided tax incentives set by local governments for the establishment of enterprises and Arab Muslims. Defined steps that are important to cities and the State to qualify for these investments, the existence of pilot projects, available credits (incentives) and that the place to house the venture must be "an investment", this qualification awarded by authority.

The delegation formed by representatives of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahren, Egypt, Lebanon and Libya was still composed by you, Imran Mhomed, Master in political science and international relations, Sheickh Khaled Taky Eldin, representing the Federation of Muslim Associations of Brazil , Moumtez Hashem El Orra, commercial director of General Mattresses, established in São Paulo, Mohammad Azzazzy, representative of the Islamic organization Haramein al Sharafeini, responsible for administration of the holy mosques in Medina and Makki, Khaled El Deen Taleq, theologian, Alli Ahmad Majdoub, Muslim leader of the educational area in Brazil, Abdulhakim Alzubaidi, representative of the Emirates Group, and Daniela Ayala Anwar, cultural assistants.

Another point of convergence, beyond the discourse of integration of peoples, there was the Palestinian issue. PT's present leaders, supported the establishment of the State of Palestine, a position also taken in a peaceful way by the Arab and Muslim visitors.

The work continues tomorrow in Canoas Park Hotel, from nine o'clock in the morning, with a round of talks with entrepreneurs in the metropolitan region and Vale dos Sinos.
In the photo, MHOMED Imran, Master in political science and international relations, PhD Islamic University of Medina (Saudi Arabia) lecture on the customs of his people.

Photo: City of disclosure Canoas, Ireno Garden.

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