segunda-feira, 14 de setembro de 2009

State of the RS open for new investments.

I am pleased to find today, with the secretary of agriculture of this state, John Carlos Machado Fagundes. Producer rural Camaquã, municipality where rice plant showed ability the conduct of matters that concern economic growth of the state.

I took the idea to the secretary of defense, with with the Department of Development and Affairs International, led by young member state Márcio Biolchi (PMDB), the classification of municipality Guaíba to constitute a alternative site for the construction of a refrigerator Arab Muslim. Progressive John Machado was safe in his position and immediately welcomed the idea of referring the matter to the Mr Márcio Biolchi, claiming to be fully favor the proposal to receive investors Arabs with open arms and facilitate its installation the State of RS, through government action.

In the city of Guaíba the state of RS is property of approximately 980 hectares of land, once purchased for installation at Ford with almost 2/3 of that area still free to installation of new manufacturing plants for 10 years. The area offers facilities for installation of refrigerator. I found that after visiting the ex - Ford Land, for the most part already landscaped and, properly guarded by some sergeants veterans of the Military Police who reside on site, prevent intrusions and vandalism in the area.

The secretary highlighted the meat quality of RS, one of the best in Brazil, with excellent control health and traceability within standards international.

I left convinced, alongside Dr. Andreas Smith and Laurinda de Oliveira, legal counsel in development, that the Arab countries concerned negotiate with the RS, won a powerful ally in construction of this path between the business Gauchos and Arabs: the confident and agile Secretary agriculture in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, John
Carlos Fagundes Machado.

Rapporteur: major Aroldo Medina.

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