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Abadiânia Beautiful Horizon Project.

The city of Abadiania, Goias, has enormous potential to grow driven by the Casa de Dom Inácio de Loyola. This assurance comes from the amount of visitors that the city receives as a function of the medium John of God has chosen the city as their home.

There are thousands of people looking for John of God, in the days when your schedule is marked for service in the Casa de Dom Inacio. Most visitors are from outside the continent South America They started coming regularly over the last ten years. Europeans predominate. This makes permanent Abadiânia a postcard from Brazil.

Despite the large influx of people in the neighborhood Beautiful Horizon, where is located the Casa de Dom Inacio, the municipality's infrastructure leaves much to be desired. Front Avenue, also called Francisca Tan Ladies or "street four" main access road to the great Spiritual Abadiânia Hospital needs to be reformed along its entire length (1,200 meters), since its inception with the 61 km of the BR 060 to the front of the Casa de Dom Inacio.

The modest front track is meant to actually be an avenue. This status depends of changing your current profile: narrow, with holes, without 'mouths wolf "for proper drainage of rainwater, with discontinuous sidewalks, obstacles and irregular, without street lighting consistent with the place.

The new avenue Francisca Tan Ladies should be broader and unpaved. After making an underlayment and strong (able to withstand constant stream of large bus), your pavement for vehicular traffic shall be arranged with paving stones in a personalized manner, as shown in photo.

The sidewalks on both sides of a possible new avenue Front must be two meters wide, is also lined with stone, following a pattern. Along the sidewalk, I have designed flower beds and plant trees at regular intervals with small paradouros, with benches for pedestrians. The sidewalk on the right who is coming, it would completely covered (sheltering pedestrians from rain and sun), in all its extension, the BR 060 to the front of the Casa de Dom Inacio. Do not dispense also a bike path, featuring the words painting it blue and white.

The street lighting poles may be with the show and without wiring using special lamps that produce a blue color. In the middle of the path between the BR and the Casa de Dom Inacio is no room for construction of a public square and thoughtful, with a source of water is always current and illuminated, adding universal spiritual symbols, designed to meet the visitors of the place. I think the name of this square may well be, obviously, "United Nations".

Along the BR 060 should be designed a bus station that may very well be called Dom Inácio de Loyola, designed in different style, following the theme of the new boulevard. This is justified because who does not take a taxi or Brasilia Annapolis Abadiânia up, going by bus and is dropped by the wayside. How would the gaucho in these circumstances: "This is the final straw!"

The set of all these improvements suggested I go to call "Project Horizon Abadiânia Beautiful." The financial resources required for implementation can be achieved through amendment to the federal bench Members of Goiás, to the budget of the Union The Brazilian Army, through one of its battalions of military engineering construction can perform the work planned.

All the ideas set out here were produced in conversations with visitors, residents and workers around the Casa de Dom Inácio de Loyola, motivated to talk about improvements that could be made in Abadiania from the Front Avenue.

Aroldo Medina

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