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House Soup - Bishop Ignatius of Loyola - Abadiania.

Walking through downtown Abadiânia on March 23, 2012, found the House of soup, also known as House of Power. I was impressed with the structure of the building. The door was open. I went in and I admired the beauty of the place. All very clean and organized.

Ask information to a lady who was in the kitchen attached to a large hall decorated with sacred images on the walls and furnished with tables and chairs suitable for dining. Maria de Fatima Lobo, 48, administrative assistant, welcomed me so hospitable, being very helpful and courteous responses to my questions. Soon, we walked through the facilities of the house and Fatima explained to me the details of its operation.

The House of soup, is known as the place in Abadiania, acts as a "Central Social Welfare" the poor of the city, providing its services in a way, completely free. Serves breakfast Monday through Friday, from 07:00 hours to anyone entering the house and want to make the meal.

Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are served a soup lunch from 10:30 to 15:00 hours. Fatima estimates that are served an average of 800 to 1000 people every day and also remember that the place is visited by caravans and tours of pilgrims traveling in chartered buses to the Casa de Dom Inácio de Loyola.

In the cafeteria, the House of soup also works as a center for receiving donations of clothes, shoes, food, school supplies and toys. The clothes go through screening and are selected to be cleaned and pressed and or repaired when they need repairs. After being properly cleaned and organized are donated to needy people. The school supplies, shoes and toys are administered the same way.

I worked in the State Civil Defense of RS, exerting control function, directly connected to the office of Governor Germano Rigotto in the period 2003/2006. I watched in four years, hundreds of municipalities in emergency situations caused by natural disasters. Our mission was to assist homeless or displaced by storms, windstorms, landslides, flooding and many other causative agents of destruction and, often, death. People who lost everything they had. Clothing, mattresses, blankets, canvas, food and medicine were the first demands to be met. The municipalities were overcharged. The State and the public social service agencies and philanthropic nature mobilized to respond quickly and adequately to all the needy people.

A year in the Brazilian Air Force, 22 years of military and police service four years in the State Civil Defense of RS, as an officer on active duty Military Police, never seen in my 27 year career public place so organized and clean as the House Soup in Abadiania maintained by Casa de Dom Inácio de Loyola and the medium John of God. The House of soup is an example to any similar organization either public or philanthropic.

Visiting the place, seemed to be in a mall store. Its managers and employees are to be congratulated. Are worthy of honorable mention, because I did not see, anywhere, even on the Internet, advertising the place. The work of the House of soup is pure charity.

Aroldo Medina

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