terça-feira, 3 de abril de 2012

Casa de Dom Inácio de Loyola, the first day.

Got up early, showered and shaved. I put on new underwear. All white clothing, underwear, sock, shirt, pants and shoes. I took breakfast at the Inn Our Home. I returned to the room, brushed my teeth, I spent a bit of hair gel, comb below. I looked in the mirror. I enjoyed myself. It was well presented. I picked up a book in his hand: Jesus, the greatest psychologist who ever lived, Mark W. Baker, Sextant Publishing, 2005. Finally, I put in my pocket a small camera, purchased exclusively for this trip: a Panasonic Lumix, DMC-FH25. He was ready. Broke into the Casa de Dom Inácio de Loyola. The day was beautiful, sunny with some clouds.

I arrived at the Casa de Dom Inacio, eight in the morning, March 21. Gradually I became ambientando and knowing the place. Ask for an information worker, Vinicius, gaucho by the way. Oriented went to the bookstore and got a Dom Inacio patient chart: 1st time.

Drove my body to the main hall of the house. A lot of people there. Squeezing myself among people I was going to reach the stage in front of the hall. I was standing waiting for the start of work.

It was not long for the workers of the Casa de Dom Inacio in English, German and Portuguese give a warm welcome to those who were there. The workers took turns at the microphone, while others were organizing the queues and calling visitors to be served by the medium John of God.

I waited patiently in line to enter the first time. Given priority for all people who were there to go in front of me. I made sure to be the last to be served. Insofar as the queue and I'd walked entering the indoor service of Casa de Dom Inacio, my excitement was growing. With each step I felt my body vibrate with the energy of the place. A good energy, the redemptive and liberating. My body and soul together felt engulfed in a flood of light.

The distance between me and the medium John of God diminished and I felt better and better by being there. The place is blessed. It is truly an Enlightened Spiritist Hospital. A few steps from John of God my tears flowed. My thoughts were all of God at that moment. Prepared me to talk when I got in front of the medium, extended my right hand on his left hand. He was sitting in front of me. He looked at me with gentleness, seeing the book I carried in my left hand. And, before I said a single word, the Contracting read all my spirit and said: "I want to see you this afternoon." A worker then directed me to sit next to a prayer group of the House, where he prayed with his eyes closed. I thanked God that moment of communion with him and his heavenly host, praising Jesus.

A few minutes later, another worker drove us away into the garden of the house where some were advised to buy the medication (Passiflora) prescribed in the revenue received from the medium and the other, without revenue, return on time by the Authority for a new healthcare . Then we were invited to lunch at the Casa de Dom Inacio which is served free of charge, a very tasty vegetable soup with pasta, for all visitors of the place.

Aroldo Medina

Editor's Note blog: translation from Portuguese into English by machine translation system from Google on the Internet. A. M.

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