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Swiss Abadiânia clean streets.

Continuing the series of posts on Abadiânia (GO) where I went on 20 to 26 March 2012, as I wrote here, caught my attention the garbage scattered around the city.

Talking to residents and merchants of the city, what could be done in Abadiania to improve the infrastructure of the place which receives monthly, thousands of foreign tourists, I heard an unexpected story.

They talked about a visitor from abroad who was angry with both the dirt in the neighborhood Beautiful Horizon, where is the Casa de Dom Inácio de Loyola who left picking up the garbage in the streets.

Residents saw the boy blonde blue filled several bags with trash picked up on the street. Then they saw the boy walking with a wheelbarrow, making the sweeper. Not satisfied say they hired a teamster to assist you.

And so, he was seen cleaning the city for days, until tired watching the trash go "budding" incessantly, and not seeing their service influence the collaboration of more people.

Some residents, according to Norberto Kist, wanted to help the young man, paying him in any way for service, money or even with some courtesy, offering "Good Samaritan", lunch, juices, ice creams or snacks. The young, proud, refused all offers. He did that for ideal and not for money or favors.

Then exits through the city looking for the boy. A few steps later, I am pleased to find it just hosted the popular hostel of St. Francis of Assisi. I went in asking if it was not there that could still be hosted a young citizen of another country that had cleared the streets of Abadiania. The receptionist did not hesitate and I pointed the finger calculated to a boy who was lying on the couch in the living room of the inn.

So I met one of the anonymous benefactors Abadiânia. Grauser Dieter, 39-year-old farm machinery mechanic, born in Bern, Switzerland on July 8, 1972.

Attentive and hospitable, the first thing I did after Grauser understand that I wanted to interview him, was offering me an orange juice that changed very cold water, received the calloused hands of the Swiss.

Aroldo Medina

The story continues in next post.

Editorial Note: Text translation from Portuguese into English by the translator "on line" Google, the Internet.

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