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Grauser Dieter: Good Samaritan Abadiânia.

The mechanic of farm machinery Grauser Dieter, 39, a native of Bern in Switzerland, is a peaceful citizen, on the life and charismatic. I talked with him at the Pousada Sao Francisco de Assis, in Abadiania (GO). When I asked if I could take some pictures of him while we talked, ran to fetch their dogs, Bobby and Pauline. He became known in the neighborhood where Lindo Horizonte is the Casa de Dom Inácio de Loyola, uncleaned, voluntarily, the streets of the place.

He began traveling the world after suffering a serious accident in the exercise of his office. Underwent several surgeries throughout the body and after spending all their savings and know you would have paid more than one million dollars to continue his treatment, initiated an international pilgrimage in search of healing their injuries through alternative methods.

Heard of the spiritual work of the medium John of God. He decided to travel to Brazil, where it has for the seventh time and says he feels at home, after wandering through Germany, Belgium, Egypt, Spain, United States, Philippines, France, Haiti, Jamaica, Israel and Mexico, among other countries. Claims to be very satisfied with the treatment that makes the Casa de Dom Inácio de Loyola and feel improvements after they began to treat with John of God.

Explaining why he decided to clean up the streets surrounding the Casa de Dom Inacio, said he does not feel good, seeing so much garbage scattered on the streets. Says do not understand how a place so rich in natural beauty does not have the attention of the public.

Then says he likes of Brazil where he feels happy to Abadiania. The place is simple, with a wonderful spiritual energy, he says. Like walking in the valleys of Abadiania, look at nature, feel free, enjoy the flowers, birds and bathe in the waterfall of the house of Dom Inacio. "- The place is beautiful," says Grauser.

I ask him what he should improve, besides cleaning the city. The mechanic Swiss did not hesitate and says that the police should have better pay and be more prepared to deal with tourists. Think a little Brazilian police earn on average only $ 400.00 (four dollars) per month, the State of Goiás also suggests more blue in the uniform of the PM.

He said he was tired of so many approaches that suffers the military police. Says it is natural to understand that their body tattoos by calling attention of police, but they could be more educated on these approaches. "Here the police have much attack", he said.

Another idea that aligns as an improvement to the city, agreeing with my thesis that the Front Avenue, also called Francisca Tan Queens Avenue, the main access route to Casa de Dom Inácio de Loyola, must be completely reformed, is to paint all the way in blue and white, the BR 060 to the entrance of the Casa de Dom Inacio.

Grauser also proposes to make a bike path, distribute more information signs around town, mainly related to bus schedules, improve security and that all street lighting lamps or with special clareiem the path with blue light. I totally agree.

The Swiss also did not like to see drivers driving their cars down the street, "running". He said the problem could be circumvented with broken springs. I put a few bumps in electronic, distinctive style, with designer mimicking an hourglass, for example. Indeed, in the next post, I will propose a set of improvements to Abadiania, the result of conversations with residents, merchants and tourists who frequent the city.

Finally, Grauser Dieter sees contradiction in advertising in front of the Casa de Dom Inácio, where there's a steakhouse announcement, posted on billboard. Red meat for the Swiss does not match the diet of those who want to be in better tune with the Spirit World.

The guy even suggested that there could be worldwide, cremation popular. This would be good to the planet. It is more hygienic. In this sense, condemned practices he learned vampirism in Europe, involving people who have suffered violent deaths. He said he had a motto: more cream to clear the land, after all is only a body that is there.

Major Aroldo Medina

Note: Translation of the text through the translator "online" Google.

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  1. Gd Samaritano never!!!
    Um bom samaritano é educado, gentil e não um mal educado como esse cara aí!!!
    Pessoas como você Grauser Dieter...queremos longe de abadiânia!!!
    Aqui é um lugar tranquilo, calmo, pessoas educadas, é um lugar para o bem estar de nós mesmo onde podemos meditar e estar mais perto de Deus.
    Best regards,
    Célio Faria.