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Spiritual surgery to cure human diseases.

What one can expect a spiritual surgery? All or nothing. It's like a tailored suit. The result will depend on a set of factors related measures moral and spiritual welfare of every individual, providing a degree of merit, the success of spiritual surgery. I will discuss this issue on condition of layman on the subject, basing myself on praxis.

I believe that most disease affecting the body, mind and the spirit of man is spiritual in nature. Many spiritualists scholars estimate that 70% of the diseases which affect mankind today are of spiritual origin. The other 30% are disease-related materials such as those caused by viruses, bacteria and similar elements.

And what is a disease of spiritual background? I'll try to answer this question. Diseases caused primarily by our conduct in life or behavior in the face of situations.

Live increasingly accelerated. We rush for everything. We walked inside the supermarket doing the shopping of course. At the time of the box, we want to walk the line quickly. At the time of eating is rarely give more than 10 chewed before you swallow the food without liquid to push it. Who will chew 30 times each mouthful of food we take in the mouth before sending her to the stomach. What then of traffic accidents in Brazil. All holiday weekend death has "harvest" sick. The examples are endless in a hurry.

This accelerated lifestyle takes its toll. Normally high. The stress becomes our shadow. We slept badly. We lay in bed, but not resting. We ate in a hurry, gain weight and do exercises, because we are tired. Let's go shopping and use credit cards to satisfy our hunger materialistic. Thirty days after the invoice has the card, we can not pay its full and sharp fall in the clutches of administrators with their exorbitant interest rates. Result: we are indebted and not infrequently, in default.

We decided to run away from problems. We will automatically forward the television to pass the time watching a program usually poor. Also drink, smoke, take sleeping pills or let's take a joint, or something worse, having sex without limits and many other things we use as "drugs of the mind" to "alleviate" tensions of our daily life.

Done this preamble, although the posting gets a little longer than usual to be the culture of a blog, you can then move forward in the matter of spiritual surgery.

"Bombing" our body and spirit, regularly, with these habits or "distractions" too much, without self-love and without love of neighbor, we agree, we are making a "beautiful mixture" of substances and feelings that can only burst with health our physical and spiritual bodies.

Down the road we noticed that there's something wrong with our health or even when we are caught by surprise by the discovery of a disease, go to the doctor and have the diagnosis confirmed by tests, depending on the disease and the history of it, we see that we are in a beautiful trouble.

Medicine today is fantastic. The medical knowledge progresses in geometric progression. Surgical techniques and gadgets, especially electronics, dazzle even the most grounded. The drugmaker offers an arsenal of cutting-edge medicine, equally extraordinary. All we need is money or a good health plan to have all these benefits within reach, at a glance. All this technological advancement, knowledge and money, but not save us from death in cases where the medicine is still groping trying bravely to cure certain diseases such as cancer, AIDS, diabetes.

At these times, when science finds limits to give the answer to our healing, remember the good God, Jesus, the saints, the spiritual world and its entities, depending on the belief and faith of each one of us.

The healing that one seeks in a spiritual surgery will depend basically on the story of his life and his way of living. In this regard come habits, customs, feelings, carnal vices associated with the karma that the person carries. And all those elements will provide all the doctors of the Spiritual World, the instruments to be operated. It may seem complicated to understand this combination of factors, but is not. Just stop and think of these elements, unarmed.

We can imagine the spiritual surgery as the solution of a health problem through a system of mathematical equations, with letters, exponents, positive and negative numbers, similar to a trinomial of the second degree. We have an equation composed of letters with feelings of negative value, associated with: selfishness, dishonesty, hatred, anger, greed, envy, lust, greed, gluttony, sloth and other conduct of a similar nature. The other equation is related to positive values: love, compassion, forgiveness, honesty, loyalty, honor and correspondents. The third equation is formed by inherent attributes of personality, conscience, faith, education and levels of spiritual evolution, driven by the free will of each individual.

The exponents and numbers associated with each letter of the respective equations will depend on the value less than or greater than either sentiment or moral conduct is the life of every person and their willingness to change what he considers wrong and write a new equation of life. This willingness to reduce or zero negative values ​​in the equations of our lives, assigning higher values ​​to another equation and exponents of positive values, at our discretion, will determine the time of our healing will be faster or longer, and may even not, if we have not acquired merit.

My conclusion is that we are students in a classroom called Planet Earth, where people interact with embodied and disembodied already. The spiritual director of this school in the West is Jesus.

The bodies of the Spiritual World of Higher Education work alongside other teachers incarnate, as our teachers invisible, helping our spirits evolve. They help also to solve the equations in which we constitute ourselves alive.

I think the end result we all seek is to achieve happiness, with full health, body and spirit, feel well made as individuals and allowing our spirit shine light for the glory of God.

Aroldo Medina

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