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Spiritual operation with the medium John of God.

An hour before the scheduled time for my spiritual operation with the medium John of God, I was sitting in the front row of seats in the large drawing room of the Casa de Dom Inácio de Loyola. It was all white. All clothing. Do not carry any metal to me. Even my glasses, comrade, let's bedroom guesthouse. Do not bore clock, cell phone and my new digital camera or pocket. I also made the belt of his trousers at the inn and not the cord tied my shoes. Purified my mind with good thoughts and talking to God. Asked the grace of healing that I was seeking, calling on Jesus and his heavenly court. I was prepared for surgery.

Work began again on time, under the guidance of staff of the house. The queues were getting organized and going until they were called who said that the entity would be operated. A queue smaller than the other was being formed within and into the house. I let them all pass by me, to be again, the last in line. I focused my thoughts on bringing God, with faith and repentance of my sins of the flesh. He asked God to heal all the people who were there.

Workers guided the queue. We were led to a large room inside the house, in a more private space that communicates openly to the office of the medium John of God, where he meets the people forming queues, sitting in a high-backed chair. We sat on long benches lined up and waited.

A worker asked close our eyes and we put her hand on the body part that should be operated. He explained that if there were more of a health problem, a flat hand, should be placed on the chest over the heart. I put my right hand on my heart. The worker explained that we would soon be operated by an invisible team of doctors working in the Casa de Dom Inácio de Loyola, doing psychic surgeons. He also said the invisible doctors could do up to nine simultaneous surgeries on each person, according to the health problems of each.

I lifted my thoughts to God. The surgery was about to begin. I felt my body covered by a very strong emotion, difficult to describe in words. The body is magnetized by a very good energy. Concentrate, asked vehemently cure the ills that stole part of the health of my body.

The worker said that doctors were there, doing its work among us. Tears came to my eyes in abundance, as ever in my life. I was 100% connected with God. He begged modestly, my healing and all the people there. A boy started crying around me. I remembered him on the lap, when we entered. I prayed for him and I asked God to heal him first, before we all. In a few moments the child stopped crying. I figured I had fallen asleep on the lap. I went to pray.

I felt the medium John of God walking among us. Then he spoke of the spiritual work that was going on. The time of surgery passed quickly. A worker announced that the work was completed. Guided us to stay with his eyes closed. He warned that we might feel some discomfort in any part of the body, therefore, had been operated. Soon to ask us to open our eyes and follow one another worker, without speaking to anyone on the road, except with the worker indicated that we would pass information on how we should proceed in the coming hours and days ahead.

When you open your eyes and lower my right arm that was on my heart, I felt he was too heavy. Incredibly heavy. I followed the workman who led us out of the room's spiritual surgery. In the courtyard of the house, we received the following guidelines Brother Tiao, very helpful:

1) Go to the inn where everyone was staying, and stand in the next 24 hours. He recalled that were operated and needed complete rest;

2) We instructed us not to eat any kind of alcoholic beverage, not to eat pork and its devirados not eat pepper and not have sex for the next 40 days;

3) Should we return to revision surgery within a period of 8-48 days;

4) In the end, told us we needed to take the points of the surgery by placing a glass of water next to the headboard of our bed, next Wednesday (it was Thursday, 22/03), leaving the glass there during night, drinking your water, on Thursday morning, on waking. Sections were removed.

I thanked her brother Tiao, with great peace in my heart. Parti toward the inn.

Aroldo Medina.

Note: Translation from Portuguese into English by the translator "online" Google on the Internet.

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