sábado, 14 de abril de 2012

House of Power in Abadiania: facilities.

Details of the internal facilities of the House of soup, also known as House of Power in Abadiania, Goiás State, maintained by the Spiritual Center Don Ignatius Loyola and Mr. João Teixeira de Farias, popularly known as John of God.

This photographic survey was of my own initiative, after arriving at the place for the first time and without notice. My reaction to record what I saw, was motivated after covering the premises of the house and be very surprised with your organization and cleanliness.

One of the roles I have held in my profession was the head of the Directorate of Heritage and Heritage Logistics Department of the Military Police of Rio Grande do Sul, in the years 2009/2010 and has conducted numerous surveys of public buildings in the state of RS.

The House of Power is in place is better structured, organized and clean in the sector of social care establishments have met so far in my life.

Aroldo Medina

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